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Frame Measurements

55 - 17 - 142 Lens Width

This is the horizontal width (in millimeters) of each lens.

55 - 17 - 142 Bridge Width

This is the distance (in millimeters) between your two lenses.

55 - 17 - 142 Temple Length

This is the length (in millimeters) from each screw to its temple tip.

Our frame sizes

GlassesShop offers 3 different frame sizes (S, M, L). So choosing the right one is key to making sure your new glasses correctly fit your face.

SizeFrame Width(mm)   
M130mm - 140mm

We suggest you measure your frame dimensions to ensure you've got the best fit for your face.

RIVER-F SMART Long-range water finder

RIVER – F SMART Long-range detecting underground water, artesian wells, and underground springs with its all-new design and the first of its kind worldwide.

The device has been completely developed into the RIVER – F SMART with the addition of more systems and properties with new professional technologies in detecting water sites and sources and their depths with high accuracy and ease.

RIVER – F SMART multi-properties device

It integrates three different research systems:

1- Freshwater search system.

2- Salty water search system.

3- A system for determining the water depth by meter, and centimeter easily and with high accuracy.

A super speed in detecting water sources and determining their locations accurately.

The search depth of the RIVER – F SMART device reaches 500 meters in the ground and a forward range of 3000 meters.

The RIVER-F SMART has been developed to make it easier to operate in all kinds of terrain and in the most difficult weather conditions.

The RIVER – F SMART device has the ability to penetrate the layers of the earth to great depths that are difficult for many devices to reach.

The RIVER – F SMART device is one of the best German industries. It holds the European CE certificate according to international specifications, in addition to the international ISO 9001 certificate according to international specifications and standards



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